Axanthic Jungles

Axanthic color morphs are a exciting new addition to pure Jungle  Carpet pythons. Typically they  lack   yellow pigment which  gives  them  a  black and white or greyish coloration as adults . Axanthic neonates upon hatching can  show  a  light bluish  color on the head and tail . As far as I know of there is only one source of Recessive  Axanthic Jungle Carpet Pythons in Australia originating from  one bloodline.

This particular bloodline  of Jungle Carpet python produced  2 separate Black & Yellow breeding pairs that when bred together produced  Black & White  or Axanthic looking   offspring in  1/4 of their clutch,  the rest of the siblings in the  clutch turned out to be  B&Y colored jungles.

The Axanthic  Jungle Carpet python  adults  I have now  came from  these  Black and Yellow Jungles that were het for Axanthic ….

One of these  B&Y breeding pairs  had the same  result several years in a row….  I.E.  1/4 B&W and 3/4 B&Y offspring . Confirming the B&W color in the 1/4 of the clutch  were consistant ratios each year.   Then a pair of these B&W jungles from this line  were bred  together,  all offspring were B&W or Axanthic……Confirming the B&W Axanthic  color   trait was recessive in its mode of inheritance   and descended from the B&Y jungles that were het for Axanthic, i.e. , the  grandparents..

The other Black & White  jungles we have here in Australia are the  Julatten locality color phase .  Although they appear superficially similar and the  Julatten jungles  do look Axanthic ,  their mode of inheritance is Polygenic. B&W Julattens are bred to each other to produce more B&Ws.  Then fine-tuned by selective breeding to create nicer looking individuals.

I am expecting another clutch of Axanthic Jungle Carpet Pythons to hatch in  December 2013.

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