Below are the various projects that I am currently working on within my collection. These are some of my best animals that will produce some high quality offspring.

Lester Caramel

The Lester Caramel line is different to the Southern X Reptiles line. My caramel coastal bloodline originates from Mackay region in Queensland. This line is a  co-dominant trait that reduces the amount of melanin to varying degrees. Hatchlings are born a nice caramel colour, then as they grow the  yellow comes threw with some dark pigment also showing in the pattern. Adults tend to be a  nice  creamy yellow/golden colour  with various amounts of black.

There is a “super” form that has a even  more of a reduced melanin look. There is also an unproven trait that has appeared in caramel to caramel pairings that gives the animals a Anery look. As previously said, this is unproven and more breedings will need to be done.

Combination Morphs

I am currently working with a number of different combinations of carpet python morphs.

These combinations include mixing of Jaguar, Tiger Jungle, SXR caramel, Lester Caramel, Albino. The result of mixing these moprhs together, produces some amazing looking animals that are very unique in their patterns or colours, and most of the time both!

Below are a few of the combination morph animals that are currently in my collection.

Classic Banded

The Classic Banded Jungle Carpet python pattern usually consists of  a broad black banded pattern combined with thinner yellow bands of colour. I am currently breeding Krauss Palmerston line to Cowley line jungles in a hope to create the darkest solid black and clean bright yellow coloured classic jungles.

These jungles are extremely aggressive as hatchlings and usually stay aggressive as adults. I also have SXR line black and gold jungles which I plan on introducing into my breeding programme , these are more docile as adults.

50/50 Pattern

The 50/50 pattern Jungle Carpet pythons have long been a favourite of mine. I have been selective breeding for this pattern for several generations now.

The founder stock I used in the programme were Obee, Tully and Palmerston lines. 50/50 refers to 50%  yellow colour and 50% black in banded pattern. The temperament for this line is usually calm as adults but hatchlings are always aggressive until they get some age on them. But there are always the exception to the rule with  some 50/50s being  aggressive as  adults . I also have SXR line jungles .

Here are the current animals I’m working with.