The Jaguar Carpet Python

The Jaguar morph is typically defined by the reduction in pattern, particularly along the back.

This trait also reduces the amount of dark pigment that the animal expresses giving it an overall lighter  more colourful look.
Being a Co-Dominant trait, the jaguar carpet python can be bred to a normal animal and produce approximately half of the clutch expressing the Jaguar trait. When two Jaguar Carpet Pythons are bred together they produce the Homozygous form called a Leucistic. Unfortunately This Leucistic carpet Python is a leathal gene and  most animals die at various stages of incubation and very few make to hatching which usually perish within a few hours .

The Jaguar trait carries a genetic  Neurological Disorder. This disorder does not generally affect the overall health of the animal. Symptoms of this Neurological Disorder come on a scale from not visable to Quite noticable. These Symptoms are expressed from poor co-ordination to the most extreme cases, corkscrewing. Cases of the disorder are usually shown when the animal is stressed.

The Jaguars here at Roger’s Reptiles have also been mixed with other morphs to produce quality animals. These mixes include, SXR Caramel jarguars, Lester Caramel Jaguars. They have also been selectively bred for particular traits such as Jungle Jaguars, which have increased yellow/gold colours.

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